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Hendrik Garcia
Hendrik Garcia
registrado desde: 12/24/09 12:54:32

Hendrik Eduardo Garcia Tamayo, I was born on March 1st of 1992 on Bolívar Stated-Bolívar City-Venezuela, my mother is called Zenaida Tamayo, my little Sister is called Shesneider Salazar and my father was called Eduardo Garcia, he died on May 20th of 2000. My life has not been a fairytale, principally later of my father’s death, because to me the life before 05/20th/2000 was pink color, but later I realized that we have to fight, work and try so much times to get something. I started to sing at the 6 years, when I was on the school, I was on the school chorus, and I was part of the first voices of the chorus. I wrote my first song on 09/20th/2005, the song talked about how I felt in those moments, I felt that I was on a deeper hole such I couldn’t get me outta there, this song was called “Confesiones” later on 2006 my first goal was to learn English; I get focus into this goal and in less than one year I got it, and I translated the song with the name “Confessions of a Boy”, when I had 14 years old, I start to see that in the pop business are not fat people, I had 182 pounds because of this I started a strict diet, which one I didn’t ate, I just drunk water, so I lost 104 pounds, but still like this I saw me fat, later I was diagnose with anorexia’s beginnings, and my ego was really down, I even tried to suicide me, but thanks to god, my family and to my songs I could get better, slowly but I could, now I have 140 pounds, “maybe you ask you why the songs, because in this art I found a way to express me how I really am”. I started to sing again on a High School Play wrote it by myself, was a new version of “Romeo and Juliet” the first time that I made a performance on public again, I sang the song “Sk8er Boi” By “Avril Lavigne”; on December of 2007 on the Senior year I sang a song write it by me called “Toxichristmas” later on 2008 I started to work on my first demo with a (Electro, Pop/Rock) style later of one year finally I finish it with two (Electro, Pop/Rock) Songs, two with Pop/Rock style, and a Pop/ballad, I take the free to put a sixth song that is “Confessions Of a Boy”, maybe the lyrics could have explicit contents and this is because, I use to say the things how they really are, That’s the Reason why I got a head phrase that is “B’Urself or B.U.S”. On 2010 Hendrik brings a New way with his new DIGITAL ALBUM "SCREWS LOOSE" with the first single "REBORN".


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