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Run – Corre by Jesse y Joy – Lyrics (translated in english)

English Lyrics to Corre by Jesse y Joy hope you like it 🙂 im not interested in comments like ‘oo you translated wrong’ i translated some to fit with the music. don’t like it? oh well 🙂 i will ignore those comments I DO NOT OWN THE SONG OR PICTURES

Escrito en Jesse & Joy | domingo, junio 10th, 2012 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

34 Respuestas para “Run – Corre by Jesse y Joy – Lyrics (translated in english)”

  1. pink111ify:

    chick you are so wrong i know spanish and that is not what it first language was spanish then english

  2. OnAFantasy:

    Jeez, the translation’s not even that off. Anyway song is supposed to be poetic, and sometimes it doesn’t translate that way from one language to another. To truly get the feeling of the song across you might have to use words whose meanings are a little different but convey the same emotion as was originally intended. Only thing I might have changed was «Conmigo no» to «not with me». Anyway thanks for a good translation.

  3. WaTeRgirlsae12:

    LOve it 🙂

  4. rufu77:

    i love it…my ex doesnt speak spanish….but this song describes him to the «T» ….needless to say its on my FB page pretty sure he will watch it!!

  5. xxSecretLoverxx97:

    ay que risa jajajaa. no. 🙂 and it’s ‘i speak spanish’ pero gracias por commentar como sea 🙂

  6. JosnuJozeeNu:

    Bad traslation… I´m speak spanish… Y veo que la traducción esta mal.. un poco, pero esta mal igual 😀 tal vez usaste el traductor de google xDD

  7. mexiria14:

    dont listen to them, i love it jeje and i dont understand fluent spanish but you helped me understand the song way better…:):):)

  8. Namiyami:

    Even if the translation is a bit off >_> thanks for the video.

  9. rackets97:

    No she is saying «el PERO de simper» meaning as: the same excuse.

  10. victorious917:

    hey xxsecretloverxx97 thx 4 posting dis video
    um….. anyways thxx so much 4 doing dis and i totally have ur back on tha whole translating thing ……………….thxx !:)

  11. lunaandproud:

    I hate it when people try to get smart about things. If you would had translated it to english word by word it wouldn’t make sence. So I know what you mean. Great job translating it.

  12. Cata12375:

    este video es muy triste :'(

  13. rozarioperez:

    cool!! DEREK IS SO SEXY!!!

  14. SoloRecuerdos1:

    La traduccion esta bien, va de acuerdo a la letra de la cancion, aunque si se traduce exactamente de acuerdo a la letra de la cancion, en ingles no suena bien!

  15. escavia1:


  16. Gera Ortiz:

    yes but its not like he is a dog its just an insult
    cuz’ He played whit her fellings
    and she was mad when she said that
    is everything all right now?

  17. TheLuisrogel:

    me gusta mucho…!!!!

  18. CallMeAnGiee:

    its so amazing, it makes me wanna cry and all…xx

  19. LCV98:

    hhahahaha i love it @TheEmieG, if you didnt like it why did you see it!!!???

  20. Eshme24:

    O MY FUKING GOD PEETA (really)

  21. VeroXDloveyouuu:

    it’s translated correctly