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Juanes – A Dios Le Pido [LIVE at Fernsehgarten]

Juanes with his new look! Amazin vid! Enjoy it Juanes fans all over the world!

Escrito en Videos de Juanes | lunes, agosto 3rd, 2009 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

44 Respuestas para “Juanes – A Dios Le Pido [LIVE at Fernsehgarten]”

  1. frankcreate:

    Amazing artist he is doing truly amazing things. He is represents the true heart of Colombian people. Thank you for posting this and your great experience.

  2. tereskalesna:

    Boski fantastyczny………….

  3. Elisah159:

    «A dios le pido que mi madre no se muera y que mi padre me recuerde» Amén.

  4. selina4:

    Reply to beazbrain’s question: this gig was at Fernsehgarten, a programme in German television (ZDF) and recorded in Mainz, Germany.

  5. pablotrapa1:


  6. Muzicgoddess2:

    Is this in Germany? Lolz the name sounds german and there is hella blondes. Tito doesn’t sound to american. Watch you’re probably some second generation mexican, you’d be living in Mexico now if it wasn’t for your grandparents who crossed the Rio Grande.

  7. solarpernas:

    you are a fucking asshole!!!!

  8. alejos2552:

    u probably have never gone out of the us… u should go…then ur eyes would see the reality of the world…of the poor ones that is …n then put urself in their position…i mean it is NOT like God or whatever u believe in ask us where we want to be born at!!ah listen the song IMAGINE..

  9. tito1621:

    An immigration problem? Perhaps the immigration problem is here in the U.S. There are too many stupid people like you coming here and breeding, there outta be a law against that.

  10. lucyloutapettytap:

    Indeedy – I second that!

  11. anahy013:

    es el mejor d los mejores

  12. Ekhymosis:

    Qué manera la tuya de tratar a una mujer…

  13. sedraopamp:

    «A Dios le pido» = «To God I request him». Juanes, well done!

  14. beazbrain:

    where the hell is that city?i have looked everywhere and it doesnt say

  15. julivelandia:

    viva juanes!!!!
    viva colombia!!!!

  16. hispanicfreak23:

    aaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy su voz s la más blla dl mundooooooooooo!!!!!!! … y l s l hombre más guapo dl mundo…….y…le amoooooooo…

  17. maragana123:

    Es el mas guapo del mundo entero, mi Juanessss, ayyyy!!!! bezitos..

  18. topolya1:

    Me encanta Juanes muy lindas canciones…..

  19. Morcillas1:

    he could sing the alphabet for all I care….YUMMMMMM

  20. alexisturner:

    i miss his long hair :S

    i love him

  21. rtsw12:

    Juanes es un buen colombiano!

  22. rtsw12:

    Grande juanes!!!

  23. Elenar80:


  24. cpcrecords:

    Tremenda cancion. Ver a «Top Banana – El amor esta en ti», tambien te gustara.

  25. cpcapricho:

    Dedico esta hermosa melodía a mis queridas hijas Paola Honores Panduro , Caprice Honores Panduro y Magaly Honores Panduro de Gilbaud ,de parte de su madre Dora Panduro que siempre las tiene presente en cada minuto de su vida.Y si me muero siempre les seguire apoyando desde la eternidad en lo que yo pueda y mi amor por ustedes siempre seguira igual.