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Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie Live @ andalucia spanish tv

Shakira hips don’t lie live

Escrito en Videos de Shakira | martes, junio 23rd, 2009 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

32 Respuestas para “Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie Live @ andalucia spanish tv”

  1. Oceanic77:

    She is so obviously lip synching!

  2. oceanfire12:

    is it me or does she sound exactly like she does in the video while the other guy sounds really different if that’s not a clue for lip synching i don’t know what is

  3. romeotroybolton:

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  4. Kl2b:

    A Hispanic guy you meant?

  5. sab628:

    live my ass

  6. childrenofmaiden25:

    why cant a real mexican guy do the spanish part its weird seenig a black guy do it to shaiky shakira

  7. childrenofmaiden25:

    for the most part i like the spanish part

  8. Katigirl1:

    yes in little shows like this in spain,colombia,italy,brasilia and so

  9. GodPirate:

    its too expensive? what the hell are you talking about retard.

  10. rissaboo22:

    is she lip syncing

  11. narutoamar:

    She is friendly absulutly because i met her!!
    so i must know or?^^

    i went there

  12. furess:

    she is fucking arabic

  13. mikito1990:

    ay ke feo video, osea creo ke es el pero de shakira, por eso = se puso bien perra en el tour, y todo bien sincronizado para no hacer el ridikulo tal komo en este video!.. komo ven!!!!!!!!!

  14. beachgrl97:

    i went there

  15. Katigirl1:

    She is friendly absulutly because i met her!!
    so i must know or?^^

  16. onelittlecoragrace:

    no its really not how do you know

  17. MandaLalola:

    very good video

  18. miamiboi2:

    no she was born in colombia and her mom is colombian her dad is lebanese and italian!
    colombia is full of lebanese and syrian people.

  19. luig1080:

    i heard she couldnt speack that well that day

  20. spykidfra:

    well i like her talent if that is what she knows how to do let her be

  21. Katigirl1:

    She is absulutly friendly;-)

  22. Katigirl1:

    ITs lip singing because its to expensive sing in little shows like that..

  23. Elenatsavi:

    shakira is the best..