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shakira live

dont bother live without playback

Escrito en Videos de Shakira | viernes, mayo 29th, 2009 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

49 Respuestas para “shakira live”

  1. MovieMakerJamilaaa:

    She’s got the most unique voice..She stands out of the other singers!

  2. hipshak:

    I watched that on tv !!its a french show ( unik good show haha)
    love her

  3. ttime557:

    lol, look at the crowd around the stage. They are all claping like retards xD
    Shakira is da bomb though 😀

  4. 890Nafe:

    shakira has the most unique voice, which makes her stand out from all the female singers. shes the best

  5. ARALC1andonly:

    im a big fan of shakiras but ive gotta say, i think this is one of her weakist performances, and on top of that her idiot staf put her microphone volume way to high (wich is not her fault but it makes it sound pretty bad) and you can hear the audience way to much.

  6. kitat06:

    DISCULAPEM AJJAAJ debé imaginarlo por q un hombre no dice unas palabras tan boniitas

  7. vallucity:

    gracias x tu comentario!! pero solo un apunte soy divinA ok?
    pero vamos q x shaki todo..

  8. kitat06:

    HAY Q LINDOO!! eres un divino ojalá ella leyera tus palabras…

  9. BIR0PLUS:


  10. rockondafixation:

    is wonderwall me gsuta pro que asi hacia al principio–

  11. rockondafixation:

    No es playback

  12. vallucity:

    is in live not playback!!!!!!!!!!!
    shakira es la mejor, la reina de la musica!!!

    q mujer tan grande!!! esto es lo mejor q a dado el mundo, una gran artista y un ejemplo de persona…… la adoro, e crecio escuxandola y kiero morir tb asi!!!!
    GRANDE SHAKA!!!!…gracias x acerme feliz cada vez que te escuxo!!!
    te deseo toda la suerte desde asturies

  13. aguayocarlos:

    Shakira rules the music world and shes beautiful.

  14. greetsfrombasel:

    wooow great..

  15. XOshakiraOX:

    well remeber she is spanish and believe if she was bad noone would be cheering…

  16. nadietansalvaje:

    is not playback.. she is the best!!

  17. rockonda:

    is playback my like the nota! min: 24 seng

  18. nellerdrengen01:

    Mmm hot !! lovely

  19. kakafck:

    .. look that defys gravity..

  20. licensed:

    she is flawless.

  21. seximen2030:


  22. Merkelige:

    I think she says everything good and right.
    Your hearing must be pretty good to hear that xD

  23. ivanechristina:

    Shakira the best!!!!

  24. dgrant625:

    lol, it does sound like fuck

  25. sofiah16:

    I think she mumbles a lot, she needs to learn to pronounce words correctly, nonetheless the melody sounds okay.