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ShAkIrA LIVE A&E EXCLUSIVE las de la intuicion /pure intuati

Beyonce the making of her b’day videos (EXCLUSIVE)ShAkIrA LIVE A&E EXCLUSIVE las de la intuicion /pure intuati

Escrito en Videos de Shakira | viernes, junio 12th, 2009 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

51 Respuestas para “ShAkIrA LIVE A&E EXCLUSIVE las de la intuicion /pure intuati”

  1. Shakiraimr31:

    But i think it is really playback because the first time she sings this sons live was at Rock in Rio and i think that was before but of course it isn´t bad that it is playback!
    Shakira is so beautiful and her performance is amazing!
    Shakira is the best of the world!

  2. Shakiraimr31:

    But i think it is really playback because the first time she sings it live was at Rock in Rio 2008 but it isn´t bad that it is playback. Shakira is so beautiful and her performance is amazing!!

  3. leomanjafu:

    soy seguidor de shaki pero me da rabia cuando hace playback y mas cuando se nota…..
    la verdad esta muy mal esto

  4. fan1shakira:

    she is beautiful and her voice is the best

  5. vic03122007:

    es playback

  6. alexniice:

    woow eso si es un verdadero performance
    tan espectacular
    ademas juega con las camaras
    seduce al publico baila geniaal y se ke es playback pero no me importa
    ya que muchas veces asi se lo piden
    si lo notan en ciertos programas de Tv
    o pekeños performances lo hacen asii

    pero cuando es concerto
    siempre canta en vivo y geniaaaaaaaaaal


  7. sdlg123:

    Bueno, yo amo a shakira, no me importa q sea live, o playback o lo q sea, sencillamente es la mejor.

    Well, mmm i love Shakira, i dont care if she is doing playback or not, she is just the best.

  8. Sweetshakiralover:

    omg! :O when was thissss!????????

  9. 4lifezone:

    ya dejen de poner spams pls!!!!!!!!!!!:S


    Shakira es lo mejor talentosa bella ingeniosa seductora una artista de verdad Thalía Paulina Britney Cristinita agarrense por que esta chica es una Fregona eh y le pese a quien le pese es la mejor

  11. neoandrea:

    ¡no he intendido! ¿una mezcla de live y playback? ¿como puede ser?

  12. AndresPalmita:

    expectacular esta canción e interpretación

  13. Karime18:

    What do you know about performances any ways, and by the way how do you expect her to smile while singing? You are such an ASS! fucker!

  14. Niphaaa:

    please guys check my video of take bow by rihanna and don’t forget to leave comments

  15. nhojkram0066:

    sHe has an uGlY vOice…
    sHe doNt know how to makE contact with the audience.. as if she’s drunk.. she dont even smile. poor performance. kinda boring!

  16. rockondafixation:


  17. chubsykins:

    it IS playback :\

  18. anacamella522:

    a veces es necesario el playback pero x los programas mas no x los artistas y shakira no es un artista de playbacks asi q kreo q fue x el programa

  19. axxiiss20:

    shakira dont do playback the point in this performance is that u can still hear her voice so its not playback ok thank u lol

  20. juchitan19:

    estoy de acuerdo que shakira se arrepintio de cantar en play back lo suyo no es cantar en play back si no en vivo apoco no

  21. aguayocarlos:

    canto en playback, no lo creo y espero k no

  22. francoxte:

    perdon, hablo poco ingles xD asi q si alguien me entiende en español xD…
    Yo creo que iba a cantar en playback, pero a ultima hora se arrepintio, y canto con la pista mezclado con su voz en vivo xD pero igual la amo xD.
    Viva Shaka

  23. filtronio:

    guys if you want to know my oppinion (the poster’s) i think that her record IS plying in the background while she sings with th emic turned off
    i still like her but everyone does that this days SO WHO AGREES WITH MEE?????

  24. angerangels:

    You are correct. On her tour, she did not have playback, except HDL I think. On Se Ti Vas, it was obvious this was not playback by the way she changed her voice in the beginning.The only playback I will agree with is HDL. All other songs were live. The tour was awesome.

  25. angerangels:

    Shakira is a Pop Icon! She is still the great artisit that we love. I listen to her Oral Fixation Tour daily on my way to work. She is just talented. I loved this concert. Many other people did as well since most of them were SOLD OUT! Shakira did not have playback in the concert until HDL. ITS HER SONG…SHE IS SINGING IT…EVEN IF ITS PLAYBACK. She is awesome and is becoming a better artist as she matures. GO SHAKI!