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Shakira » Live at the 2007 Grammys » Hips Dont Lie

Shakira live at the 2007 Grammys

Escrito en Videos de Shakira | jueves, mayo 28th, 2009 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

188 Respuestas para “Shakira » Live at the 2007 Grammys » Hips Dont Lie”

  1. brindagirl99:

    her hair is… crrraaazzzyyy!!!! hahahaha its like EVERYWHERE!!! haha but i love this song

  2. teaze2pleaze:

    HAHA yeh do u remember hearing about him getting a boner LOL thats y he like leaves an wears that RED thing lol

  3. sandramelizanina:

    she is a perfect dancer…. she is better dancer that singer…since she start her carrer i only like whenever and this one …she defenetely cna movehe rlips very well…

  4. Kaki9339:

    Jest cudowna!!

  5. edjavs:

    La queremos de vuelta pronto

  6. paranormalfreak409:

    amazing performance she’s absoulotly flawless

  7. scorpianofthesun:

    Pfft…I could dance like this.

    And fall flat on my ass looking like a total idiot. It’d be like, «look at me everybody! *trips* whoops! *thump thump BOOM!.» I

    I’m going to leave the awesome dancing to Shakira, who already is an awesome dancer.

  8. lovemiarose401:

    bahahahhaaa yes

  9. neifaen87:

    LOVE her dancing and hair and music and.. wow she’s just so AMAZING!

  10. xbunnyy:

    she is perfectx3

  11. GothicNerd007:

    omg i wanna have sex with her i wonder if she would do another girl

  12. AngelGirl0014:

    what r u guys sayin? Shes AWFUL live! Love shakira but shez bad live. No bad comments wont read dem & thumbs down? Dont really care as i’ll neva no.

  13. MovieMakerJamilaaa:

    Great voice..I mean the best voice!
    She is so beautiful! And smart and talented..well all the
    No fight tonigh t!=) (L)

  14. banallison:

    omg she is beautiful live

  15. bernice17:

    hey isn’t this the performance where wyclef gets a boner! lmfao

  16. Lamsline:

    Fuck shakira that colombian bitch she is not even hot that Hoe

  17. 1Azzure1:

    wow! she is making me sweat

  18. SHAKIRAfan051094:

    yes the HQ is great =DD
    Shakira is perfect =D
    she dances + sing soooo nice 5*****
    she is the best

  19. hipshak:

    nice HQ compareded to other videos

  20. patrialopez:


  21. cris7nando9:

    she sing sooo good live

  22. Measedettepfse:

    Oh… Shakira Shakira… I love Shakira..
    Great dance, great song, great voice..

  23. hannie5555:

    no problem.